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Valley Fever Survivor provides a great deal of important information about coccidioidomycosis and the devastation it has caused in Arizona, California, the Desert Southwest, and all around the world. Please click the items in this section to learn more! Visit our home page to read updates at the front page and view our introductory video
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Once a person contracts Valley Fever or has a friend, family member, or a beloved pet who contracts this disease, questions are natural.  To answer these questions, our web site has the most up-to-date information available on this subject.  Our information is based on nearly eight years of medical research into Valley Fever, thousands of medical journals and every major conference that has been held and information made available to read.  Our email address is

After reading our entire web site which includes frequently asked questions, facts and commentary, misconceptionssymptoms, action letters, archived updates and much more, if you have any further questions please email us.  However, due to the volume of work we have to do on Valley Fever-related tasks and questions, delayed responses may occur.

Many people find support by joining our VFS Message Board or joining our VFS Support Groups. 

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We hope everyone will participate in our questionnaires, surveys, polls, and our political activities.  These are the most important things you can do to fight Valley Fever now.  If you wish to support Valley Fever Survivor directly, please consider buying our books from or You can also buy merchandise from our VFS Store.

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WARNING: Read about the dangers of flowers of sulfur, a rumored "Valley Fever Cure."

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