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The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary

A great gift for yourself and for anyone who has any medical condition!
Title: The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary
Author: David Filip
Available individually as an e-book or in a bundle of paperback books


About The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary

It is often difficult for patients with Valley Fever to understand unfamiliar medical terms from their doctor visits, their hospital stays, or the results of their laboratory tests. People from all over the world visit Valley Fever Survivor at and e-mail a variety of questions and comments to the author. These comments often reflect frustration with being unable to understand their medical papers. Now this task has been made easy with "The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary."

Over 465 words of technical medical jargon have now been translated into plain English that anyone can understand. Many terms have expanded definitions that focus on their specific meaning to patients with Valley Fever. Whether you, a family member, or a pet must deal with Valley Fever, this glossary will help you understand what is written in medical documents. The comprehensive scope of this glossary is valuable for patients with a variety of other diseases as well.

"The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary" offers more than just words and definitions. It provides basic information on Valley Fever, maps of endemic areas in the United States, and useful risk management tips. This comprehensive layman's medical glossary will help patients and their families to understand their medical situation better.

About the Author

David Filip’s in-depth knowledge comes from nearly two decades of researching medical information and assisting thousands of people with Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis). His most popular book “Valley Fever Epidemic” is a milestone in the field, cutting through misconceptions and providing actionable information for patients and doctors alike. As the leading Valley Fever author, scholar, information specialist, and consultant, he is sought after by media and authorities for his expertise. His contacts with mycologists, physicians, federal and local health officials, and vaccine scientists is matched and tempered by his experience connecting with thousands of victims of Valley Fever from around the world. This brings a human perspective to his research and a focus on the urgency of a problem many politicians would just as soon sweep under the rug. Filip is also a nutritional pioneer as the first and only person to research the pharmacology of foods that can help or hurt the body's reaction to this disease. Those who adjusted their diets accordingly have experienced tremendous improvements.

He has been interviewed on television and radio broadcasts for his research and technical expertise. Producers and reporters from Voice of America, BBC, the New York Times, PBS, and other media outlets across the country rely on his knowledge and connections for their articles and programs on Valley Fever.

Filip is the communication director and co-founder of Valley Fever Survivor, the premier coccidioidomycosis advocacy, education, and support organization. He is also a member of UC Merced’s Valley Fever Network Faculty and has a BA in Communications from the University of Washington. By bringing the medical, military, historical, and personal facets of Valley Fever together his knowledge and expertise “connects the dots” in ways that bring the complete scope of the Valley Fever epidemic to light.

Customer Reviews

Great information for Valley Fever

As a Valley Fever survivor, The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary has helped me understand and translate all of the technical medical terms for myself and family and friends.
- Jeremy Leonard

Finally, A Medical Glossary Anyone Can Understand!

Even being in the medical field myself it is hard to understand what doctors are really saying at times. I really feel sorry for the lay people in this situation, as they are probably so confused they don't even know what to ask.

I highly recommend The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary to everyone. You don't have to have Valley Fever to benefit from this book. The beginning of the book explains what valley fever is about and the endemic areas. It also has a section called Dawn to Dusk, which explains what weather conditions may increase or decrease the chances of contracting this deadly disease.

The large glossary comes next and it is very easy to understand and compliments the first book written called Valley Fever Epidemic. Many of the words in this glossary could be related to several health issues as well. For example, the word prognosis relates to the outcome of a medical problem so it can be used with any diagnosis. As I mentioned above, you don't have to have Valley Fever to benefit from this book.

At the end of the glossary is some very good reference information about where you can find organizations and internet information related to valley fever. You can also find information about a vaccine being worked on in Texas and research on a new medication being worked on in Arizona. If you've not read Valley Fever Epidemic this book is a must have. It has awesome reviews written by several prominent Valley Fever medical professionals.

If you don't need to breathe then no worries. :) However, if you do need to breathe I highly suggest you read both these books, The Official Valley Fever Survivor Medical Glossary and Valley Fever Epidemic. This disease is something to worry about. You just don't know it yet. Why wait?
- Linda Evins, RN


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