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Danger and the rumors of a "Valley Fever Cure"

Many of you inquire and have heard about the "Valley Fever Cure" claims that have been made by an individual on the web. There is ZERO evidence to back up this claim. In fact, medical documents prove it can be dangerous and we have heard how flowers of sulfur had affected some of our site's readers. It has killed one's beloved dog and it has injured several people.

Flowers of sulfur (also called "flowers of sulphur" or "sublimed sulfur" or FOS) can be a very dangerous explosive substance. Unless one is a chemist or otherwise experienced in handling the substance, it may cause great harm. This is a problem since it is not pre-measured and encapsulated and there are no established doses for human use. There is no medical research to show it could possibly help Valley Fever but there is medical evidence that proves it is dangerous.

For example, a peer-reviewed medical document discloses the potentially lethal risk of acidosis due to the ingestion of flowers of sulfur. Acidosis is a potentially lethal blood condition where the patient's blood literally suffers from an unnaturally high concentration of acid. Schwartz SM, Carroll HM, Scharschmidt LA. Sublimed (inorganic) sulfur ingestion. A cause of life-threatening metabolic acidosis with a high anion gap. Arch Intern Med. 1986 Jul;146(7):1437-8.

A material safety data guide lists an even wider variety of problems including damage to the cornea of the eyes, gastrointestinal problems, pulmonary edema (excess fluid in the lungs), "central nervous system effects" and other problems.

Some people refuse to listen to science. One person who had ingested sublimed sulfur as an intended "cure" to Valley Fever claimed it was supposedly acceptable to suffer these symptoms because of a "Herxheimer Reaction." This is a phenomenon in some parasites where they release toxins when they are dying, particularly mycotoxins (fungal toxins) when fungal parasites die. This theory is completely discredited by the scientific fact that Coccidioides sp. (the species of fungi that causes VF) does not release toxins. (Dr. Ampel, VFCE) The symptoms should not be considered acceptable because they are obviously due to the FOS.

The only ones who use flowers of sulfur are desperate people willing to try anything to get themselves and their pets better from Valley Fever. It was heartbreaking to read of the death of a VF animal due to FOS. Since 2002 Valley Fever Survivor has been researching all the current and historical medical data on this disease, while the "sulfur cure" is based only on opinion and hearsay.

In some patients coccidioidomycosis can improve, appear to be gone on its own, and even have its lung lesions resolve. Because of this, any claims that flowers of sulfur caused the recovery can not be substantiated. Valley Fever is caused by the most virulent fungal parasitic biohazard known to man and should not be thought of as a simple fungus that is easily eliminated. Even the strongest drugs used today can not cure Valley Fever.

While the drugs used for Valley Fever can be dangerous, at least a medical professional can provide the proper dosage and monitor your progress. The drugs have been fully researched for their effectiveness against coccidioidomycosis. All the side effects are well-known and looked for by you and your doctor. No one can say any of this about FOS.

Until there is research as to whether flowers of sulfur can even help at all with Valley Fever, we strongly recommend that our readers stay away from FOS because current research proves it could hurt or kill you or your pet. Your goal is to survive VF and not be harmed or killed by the "Valley Fever Cure."

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WARNING: Read about the dangers of flowers of sulfur, a rumored "Valley Fever Cure."

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