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Valley Fever Survivor provides a great deal of important information about coccidioidomycosis and the devastation it has caused in Arizona, California, the Desert Southwest, and all around the world. Please click the items in this section to learn more! Visit our home page to read updates at the front page and view our introductory video
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Welcome To Our VFS Support Group Page

In the early years of Valley Fever Survivor we had been asked if there were any support groups for people suffering with Valley Fever. We are proud to announce that we now have Valley Fever Survivor Support Groups.

Some of our goals for the VFS Support Groups are to help people with Valley Fever support one another, promote the relevant information that will ensure public awareness for this disease, and support funding for a cure and vaccine for Valley Fever.

Please note: For any questions or information on support groups or Valley Fever in general, please contact Sharon Filip, VFS founder, at If you have questions because you have Valley Fever yourself, please fill out the Valley Fever Survivor Questionnaire. Having the basic information about your case from the questionnaire helps us so we can be better informed to answer your questions properly.

Online Support Groups

The problem in creating new support groups and maintaining our original local support groups has been that there are not always enough people in the same geographical location or someone willing to volunteer as a director.

The Valley Fever Survivor Message Board and the Facebook version of the Valley Fever Survivor Support Groups help this by spreading support for Valley Fever worldwide.

You can sign up for the Valley Fever Survivor Message Board at

You can also join our busy Active Valley Fever Survivor Support Group on Facebook. When you have been friended you will also be granted access. The Facebook VFS Support Group is different from our main VFS Facebook page (visible at the support group is set up as a "closed group" for viewing by members only. This means your personal medical questions on the board will not automatically end up on a Google search attached to your name. We understand this can occur with the default "open" groups on Facebook.

You may also wish to see our book Valley Fever Epidemic. It should be required reading for anyone with Valley Fever and may protect you from falsehoods that some people may have when discussing VF online and elsewhere. It is the first and only book of its kind. You can go to,, or Barnes and Noble and read all about it and see what others have to say about the book as well as purchase it there.

Sharon and Dave participate with the support groups online and in teleseminar meetings where they answer questions and describe major developments in Valley Fever. Other events may be held as membership expands. We will also announce ways you can help the ongoing efforts against Valley Fever. There is much more to come.

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WARNING: Read about the dangers of flowers of sulfur, a rumored "Valley Fever Cure."

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