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Looking for support

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Joined: 24 Nov 2013
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Location: Arizona

PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:06 pm    Post subject: Looking for support Reply with quote

Hi, I am mainly posting here because I would just like some feedback or to hear some similar stories to give me hope of my dogs prognosis.

I have a 3 year old english mastiff, Siri. Siri showed absolutly no signs of any sickness.

On 10/9/13 I dropped Siri off at the vet early morning to get her spayed. She was with the vet till about 4pm. Vet did blood work, which showed an elevated WBC, since she was showing no signs/symptoms of being sick the vet and I decided to just check it again in 1 month and go from there.

On 11/14/13 I noticed 2 lumps on Siri abdomen.

On 11/21/13 Siri was seen at the vet for the lumps. Vet confirmed they were mammary tumors, aspirated one of them, and took some blood to re-check her WBC. Has lost some weight, but very little. Still not showing any signs/symptoms of being sick, not even a slight fever.

On 11/22/13 Morning vet called said her WBC is still elevated, and the tumor just showed inflammation, not cancerous, and sent off to test for Valley fever but would not have the results for a couple days.

On 11/22/13 10:30pm, Siri has a seizure that lasted about 1-2 minutes, bounced back from it pretty fast.

On 11/23/13 Took her back to the vet to be examined after seizure. Vet says she is okay, has a slight fever of 103, still acting normal. Vet says if the valley fever test comes back positive, it means the valley fever has gone to her brain which caused the seizure.

Through the weekend, I have noticed that it has really hit Siri now. She drinks and eats a little bit, but manly sleeps. She will get up to move rooms with us, but just lays back down and goes to sleep once with us.

Today, 11/25/13, Vet called says the valley fever test came back positive at 1:16, and calls in to start her on Diflucan. She will be on it for about a year, and its possible she can have more seizures while waiting for the meds to work.

Does anyone have a similar story and their dog pulled through? After watching the seizure, I thought for sure we were going to lose her that night. From what I have read once VF goes in the brain its a slim chance.
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Joined: 29 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Jenica, and welcome to our VF Survivor group. That's what we are here, survivors, in the best way we can, each with our individual stories and needs. I am so sorry to hear Siri's story, but happy that you had a vet who went the extra mile for a good diagnosis. That's the first positive, and a most important one. At least Siri will be started on the meds right away.

I have 3 dogs with Valley Fever and although none had seizures my little beagle Jennie had a lung that they determined was 'dead' and they wanted to cut it out. One similarity here is the white blood cell count. Jennie's was at 26,000 and it was what we watched as she was being treated.

When a VF case is so serious the medication can certainly help return her to mostly normal function. Being tired is a common symptom and it is the body's way of saying it needs to rest. A body only heals when resting and thankfully animals are much better at paying attention to that than we humans. Let her sleep, it's what she needs. As long as she is eating you are in good shape here. Sleeping is foremost, eating is second. She must eat. If that stops then you will need to work on it with her, lots of suggestions if that happens.

I will tell you that Jennie's lung did re-inflate, she has both her lungs and she lives a mostly normal life. She sleeps a lot, quiet little Jennie. Her VF started when she was 2 years old and my Jennie is 12 now, still playing. I will also tell you that stopping the VF meds at 1 year is Not a good thing to do.

The protocol I followed with my Norabell was 6 months and then I stopped. I did that because 1. her symptoms were gone within 6-8 weeks of treatment and 2. the longer you stay on those meds the harder it is to stop them. It's like the VF is waiting for the (meds) army to retreat so it can take offense again. And it might, with a vengeance. I stopped Nora's meds in 6 months because her symptoms at first were not quite as severe (she was dying from the overdose of antibiotics the uninformed vet insistied on giving her) and she bounced back quickly. Even so, 6 months. But my little Jennie remains on Fluconazole for life. It has given her her life back and I would never gamble on taking that army out of her body. VF does not get 'cured.' It gets controlled.

So I am hoping to give you some hope here. This is surely no guarantee of anything, but there have been great successes. VF for dogs is not much different than for people, and there are lots of people with VF meningitis, myself for one, who manage to be symptom-free.

The things to watch out for are the same as for people. Rest is the key. Don't try to get her to play, it won't help her. Eat nutritionally good food. Don't feed her commercial brands full of chemicals and byproducts. Invest in a good diet for her or make it yourself if she's being picky. And don't fret and cry when you are with her. Stress coming from you will make it stressful for her. Most dogs' first concern is their owner and they take whatever you are feeling to heart. Try to stay upbeat around her. Be with her, love her, gently play with a little toy together if she has one she likes, but don't throw it across the room for her to chase. Be patient, be hopeful. And please, let us know how it's going and if we can help at all. You might also join our support group on Facebook if you are there. Lots of people and people with dogs.

So again, welcome. I'm sorry you have to be here, but happy that you found us.
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