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Steroids and Antibiotics

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:24 am    Post subject: Steroids and Antibiotics Reply with quote

I saw the post on Facebook where someone inquired as to why steroids are bad when you have Valley Fever. I just have to say that my doctors have continually prescribed it to me for some strange allergic reactions I have been having over the last few years (this is in another post awhile back). Even though I tell them I probably should not take that, they say "Oh, it's just a low dose" and give it to me anyways because it's a quick remedy for the allergic reactions I have had, which they cannot figure out what it is. I have had it injected and they have given me the taper packs. It is extremely frustrating because I know deep down it's not good for me.

I have recently been requesting my medical records because of pains I have been having in my body (not arthritis) and how my tendons pull, pop and feel like they are going to rip in my legs. Turns out before I was diagnosed with Valley Fever, I was on 2 fluoroquinolones (Levaquin & Avelox) known to cause tendon problems. And not only was I on those antibiotics, they had me on them with the steroids, which is a bad combo I have read. But on further reading, I have also come across people having rash & face problems, which I have had & digestive problems (I had my gallbladder out last Nov.) I feel like my Valley Fever has come back over the last several months. However, part of me wonders if the other stuff has not caused part of my problems.

Once I have all my rcords together, I want to find someone to review my records so I have a GOOD doctor in my back pocket (hopefully), but that is looking doubtful. Quite honestly, I have kind of given up on finding anyone that will understand / listen to me and I just deal with my condition on a daily basis. I hurt and I am tired, but I go, go go, because I guess I am afraid if I stop I will feel worse. I am young and my body feels like I am 90, but all I ever hear is "you're too young to feel this way." No kidding! It's just all beyond frustrating and I don't even talk to / complain too much to family / friends, because no one gets it. Where if we had some more well known disease people would want to help.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is true that there are so many problems with so many ailments that it is tough to deal with - and have doctors and the people you meet day to day being difficult as well. Unfortunately, with doctors having only a few minutes per patient (I believe the average visit was down to seven minutes when I last heard) every patient has to bring a list and ensure every comment on it is addressed during medical visits - not that it even sounds like you have a doctor at this point, but perhaps in the future.

With family, perhaps they could read the chapter in Valley Fever Epidemic titled "Family: The Other Victims of Valley Fever." That was specifically written based on the experience of survivors in mind to help others understand the VF experience.

Without medical care, it may mean you would have to focus on diet as a means of getting the healthiest foods possible to help your body be as strong and capable as it can to deal with any problem - whether it is from side effects of previous drugs, VF, or any other ailment.

All my best,
David Filip
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